A simple church network…


Ecclesia Communities is a simple church network rooted in the Lynchburg, Virginia area. We believe smaller gatherings of the church are the most effective way to facilitate every-member functioning in the body of Christ. We also believe smaller gatherings are the most effective means for promoting an atmosphere of relational authenticity, spiritual development, and community responsibility.


The gospel is relevant for both disciples of Jesus Christ and those who do not yet follow Him. For those who do not yet follow Jesus, the reception of the gospel is a life-altering and spiritually transformative act. For disciples of Jesus, the reception of the gospel continues to conform thoughts, words, and deeds into greater Christ-likeness.


The gospel grants purpose to ordinary people in everyday life. One way it does this is through the reorientation of practices. Life rhythms such as eating, working, and recreating all take on new meaning and purpose as they are being centered around the Kingdom of God.


The household of God, or the community of believers, is the matrix from which the replication of disciples takes place. Replication can happen collectively and individually where people and practices are given examples to follow and lifestyles to imitate.



The New Testament uses the family as a principal image for the church…

Every Member Functioning

Every disciple is to be a minister of the gospel…

Disciple Making

It is the responsibility of a disciple to make other disciples of Jesus Christ…


Prayer should be an intricate part of our new life in Jesus Christ….

A glimpse into one of our gatherings