History and Vision of Ecclesia Communities

Ecclesia Communities is a simple church network rooted in the Lynchburg, Virginia area. We believe smaller gatherings of the church are the most effective way to facilitate every-member functioning in the body of Christ. We also believe smaller gatherings are the most effective means for promoting an atmosphere of relational authenticity, spiritual development, and community responsibility.

A Brief History of Ecclesia Communities

A Dissonance
Many of those in the founding group of Ecclesia Communities were experiencing a similar dissonance with regard to what they experienced in life and what they read about in the Scriptures. This tension produced a desire for change and prompted many to brainstorm about what it would look like to be the church together.

A Group
In the summer preceding September 2014, this group came together to look into the origins of our modern church traditions. This journey led many to deconstruct paradigms and rethink what had come to be known as nonnegotiable church practice. A rebuilding took place thereafter, which constructed an ecclesiology that used the brick and mortar of Scripture.

A Global-Perspective
There were many within this group that had traveled abroad and seen firsthand the different forms of the church throughout the world. This exposure helped to sharpen and shape some of Ecclesia Communities’ systems and structures.

A Future
The spiritual landscape of the United States is evolving. As far as statistical trends are concerned, the US is becoming increasingly post-Christian and weary of institutionalized religion. Noting these changes and anticipating cultural shifts, the founding group of Ecclesia Communities considered what the future of the church must look like.