Can ministry be integrated into the very fabric of who we are,
no matter our vocation?

The Center for Missional Living is an immersive, praxis driven initiative created to give people the education and experience needed to live and train others in missional living. As followers of Christ, all believers are called to a life of ministry. However, many times people struggle to learn what that looks like in their own life. More times than not, people are told they need to stop what they are doing and “go into ministry.” Why is it that ministry tends to look very similar? For example, does ministry have to look like someone working on staff with a local church congregation or faith based organization? Can ministry be more holistic, integrated into the very fabric of who we are, no matter our vocation?

Many who have attended church or even seminary are finding themselves wanting when it comes to the learning, tools, and experiences that are needed to navigate in our present context of society. Most of the seminaries are dated in their approach to the current context of church and culture.

This life-enhancing experience will reorient your life as a missional disciple-maker. You will be equipped to enter the mission of God with relevant and practical tools to live missionally in all aspects of life.

Live missionally in all aspects of life

Reorient your life as a missional disciple maker

Learning Modules:

Theology of Mission: Foundations and Paradigms
  • What is the mission of God?
  • What is the church?
  • What is ministry?
Missional Leadership and Missional Communities

How is leadership redefined in a missional context and what kind of leadership is needed to establish viable missional communities?

Oikos, Ecclesia and the History of Christian Practice
  • We will explore the history of early church practices and how we can apply them today.
  • We will unpack the Biblical and historical understanding of “Church as Family”.
  • We will explore how missional living can be practically worked out through households, hospitality, and meals.
Sustaining the Life of Mission: Training Others, Delegation, Conflict Resolution

In this learning block we will drill down in to some practical nuts and bolts for sustaining community life on mission. Concepts will include:

  • The importance of training people.
  • The importance of delegating.
  • Handing Conflict.
Understanding the Master Narrative of Scripture

We will explore the overarching narrative of the Bible and what it means to live into the grand story of God.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Through his life, parables and other teachings Jesus has presented to us a 360 view of the kingdom of God. We will explore the ancient testimony of the four Gospels and how we can truly be disciples of Jesus in our modern context.

Everyday Witness and Cultural Engagement

In what ways can we bear witness to the Good News of Jesus and the Kingdom of God? In this learning block we will explore some basics of engaging others in an everyday post-Christian culture. Topics will include:

  • Apologetics
  • Marketplace ministry
  • Disciple making

A School of Unlearning, Re-Learning and Applied Theology

A significant amount of time will be spent reading, researching, discussing and writing about the life and teachings of Jesus. You will learn how Jesus made disciples. You will learn to be the church as a family; not as an event. You will learn how to be, and to help others to be, a functioning member of the body of Christ and not just a pew warmer. You will learn how to pray as the early church prayed.

Tuition Fees

There is a $35 non-refundable application fee for each track. Tuition fees are due once you are accepted into the CML. If you have any questions regarding tuition and application fees after reading through the following information please feel free to contact us.

Missional Immersion Track (Two Summer Months)


Includes: food, housing, curriculum/books (does not include extra-curricular activities)

Missional Shift Track (One Month)


Includes: food, housing, curriculum/books (does not include extra-curricular activities)

Missional Intro Track (One Week Intensive)


Includes: food, housing, curriculum/books (does not include extra-curricular activities)

Application Process

Please read the instructions carefully. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Step One

Enter your name, email and contact info in the form below. We will send you a link to the New Student Application. Thoroughly review questions. Write out your answers in a text or Word document and keep a record on file. Once you have fully compiled your answers move on to the next step.

Step Two

Submit your answers (copy and paste from your text or Word document) to our online application form . A $35 non-refundable application fee will be required. You will be sent a confirmation email that your application was received. Wait two to three weeks while we review your submission.

Step Three

If you meet the requirements for participation in the Center for Missional Living’s resident program we will contact you to setup a Skype, phone or in-person interview to meet and further discuss your participation in the program. If you pass our final review process you will be invited to join the program.

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